“I don’t know how I could have gotten my recommended protein without it. Thanks again for a great product!”

-Nina B

Philadelphia, PA

“Small packaging that is indeed solid and tough. You could carry one in your back pocket for the guys and one would fit in a purse that the ladies carry too.”


Concord, NH

“An easy way to be sure I always get my nutrition in, especially on the run. Tubes carry easily in your purse or pocket to make sure you have your nutrition on time.”


Canton, OH

“If you are interested in high protein low carb supplements, you owe it to yourself to try at least one of these.”


Glendale, CA

“I tried this product for the first time today and I did not have high hopes for it tasting decent, but I was incredibly surprised. I tried the Acai Berry and it was very good.”


Boone, NC

“I’ve tried a few different protein ‘shots’ with different brands and flavors. So far, the Watermelon from New Whey is the best tasting I’ve had.”


Orlando, FL

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