Liquid Protein

New Whey Liquid Protein offers the ultimate solution for delicious and convenient protein supplementation. Our pocket-sized 3.8 ounce tubes are bursting with delicious, real fruit flavors that deliver 42 grams of complete protein and can be consumed in just two or three sips. New Whey’s consistent mission since our founding in 1999 has been to provide our consumers with the best-tasting, convenient protein available so that they can achieve their health and dietary goals and get the best performance from themselves.

New Whey’s bold and exciting fruit flavors were developed by our world-class team of flavor scientists and are a relief from the bland, chalky powders and dull protein shakes widely available on the market. New Whey’s deliciously intense fruit flavors offer a fun and exciting taste experience which make you look forward to taking your protein.

Our protein tubes are pocket friendly and virtually indestructible which allows you to take your protein with you wherever you go, all without the need for preparation, blending, or refrigeration. Without any hassle and cleanup, this quick and refreshing drink will help you recover faster, fulfill your dietary needs, and move on to life’s next challenge.

Each tube contains our premium Complete Protein Matrix, consisting of a proprietary blend of three proteins (whey, casein and collagen) delivering all essential amino acids and making New Whey Liquid Protein complete, fast-acting, and exceptionally bioavailable. At 180 calories, our protein tubes are caffeine free, sugar free, and fat free. The advanced formulation and convenient tube design allows you to tuck it away and consume it on the go, whether that may be a post-workout recovery, a high-protein meal component, or as part of a medical nutrition plan. Our delicious, refreshing, and nutritious protein tubes come in an assortment of great-tasting flavors: Grape, Acai Berry, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Orange, Fruit Punch, and Watermelon, as well as selected variety packs.

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