Healthy Lifestyle Seekers

Stay Busy, Stay Healthy

You’re living a hectic lifestyle, but are passionate about staying happy and healthy while caring about what you put into your body. Our mission since 1999 has been to provide you with the very best complete protein to support your health and lifestyle goals. Our protein tubes are the perfect complement to a healthy diet and active lifestyle. We invite you to feel the benefits that our complete protein and collagen can make in your day. One less thing to worry about so you can take on your day with your very best!

Meal Component / Replacement

A healthy diet is the cornerstone of weight management, energy levels, strong immunity, and overall good health and vitality. Our protein tubes provide excellent support for your lifestyle meal choices and can be used as a component to a healthy meal, a snack between meals, or an on-the-go meal replacement. With 42 grams of complete protein and delicious real fruit flavors, our protein tubes support hunger management and ensure that you are getting enough protein during your busy day.

Athletic Enthusiasts

Advanced Proprietary Formula

Even if you are an amateur athlete or a competitive professional, our Complete Protein Matrix delivers the protein you need for recovery and growth and the ability to build lean muscle mass. New Whey Liquid Protein is made up of hydrolyzed proteins, a special grade of protein proven to be gentle on the stomach and easier for the body to digest and assimilate. Our unique and intense flavors make your protein consumption quick, easy, and delicious.

Lean Muscle Mass

Whether you are passionate about the bar method, bodybuilding, weight control, weight lifting, paddleboarding, pilates, marathons, mixed martial arts, or any other demanding and time-consuming sport–a convenient source of complete protein taken immediately after training is essential for building lean muscle mass and for recovery and healing. Nothing is more convenient and complete than New Whey Liquid Protein. It is there when and where you need it. New Whey’s protein tubes allow you to spend less time preparing your protein and more time in training.

Bariatric Lifestyle


New Whey understands the medical nutrition plans that are important for bariatric patients. Our unique Complete Protein Matrix is highly absorbable which makes it ideal for patients following bariatric procedures, including gastric bypass and Lap-Band® surgery. Taking New Whey Liquid Protein helps the body heal, prevents muscle loss, and avoids filling the stomach; all without adding a single gram of sugar or fat.


After having gastric bypass surgery, patients rely on a high-protein liquid diet to supply required nutrients. New Whey Liquid Protein fills that need by satisfying protein requirements and preventing muscle loss.

Clinical Strength Liquid Protein is the perfect component of a medical nutrition plan providing 35g of Clinical Protein Matrix and key support nutrients (calcium, iron, folic acid, & B12).

New Whey Liquid Protein is packed with 42 grams of complete protein.

Both of these formulas are free of caffeine, sugar, gluten, fat, and lactose.

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