Because New Whey Liquid Protein is the most complete, convenient source of protein on the market, with a unique, breakthrough formula that provides your body with maximum nutritional benefits – and no carbs, sugar or fat. That’s why.

Why New Whey


Refreshing & Nutritious

New Whey Liquid Protein offers you the ultimate in convenient protein supplementation. With no need for blending or refrigeration and virtually unbreakable packaging, it’s perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. Featuring a variety of great flavors and a serving size less than 4 ounces, New Whey Liquid Protein is compact, refreshing and nutritious. Zero carbs. Zero sugar. Zero fat.

Complete Proteins

And it’s absolutely complete. Our unique, breakthrough formula consists of three proteins that make New Whey Liquid Protein complete and exceptionally bioavailable (in other words, more absorbable and usable by your body). And why do you want complete proteins? Because they contain the appropriate amounts of all essential amino acids to benefit muscle growth.


Amino acid profile for New Whey 42g


Ordinarily, whey passes quickly through the digestive system, which can lead to a significant amount of malabsorption. On the other hand, New Whey Liquid Protein is more bioavailable than regular whey, which means your body is better able to absorb and utilize our brand of protein. With other whey drinks and protein bars, malabsorption can also occur because they contain denatured protein molecules.

Denatured Protein

And just what is “denatured protein?” Denaturing causes the breakdown of normal protein molecules into abnormal structures, typically as a result of heat or acid processing (while pasteurizing protein drinks or baking protein bars, for instance). In contrast, New Whey Liquid Protein – extremely heat-stable because it’s made completely with peptides and not denatured in any way — is much easier to absorb than whey products containing denatured protein.

Taste & Efficiency

The makers of New Whey Liquid Protein continuously strive to provide the best tasting, most effective protein products on the market. On one hand, this means coming out with new, exciting and innovative flavors to satisfy our customers’ exceptional taste and their appetite for variety.At the same time, while these additions help keep our product line fresh (and downright tasty), one thing never changes: our commitment to quality. New Whey Liquid Protein is regularly tested by an independent laboratory – not only to ensure product quality and stability, but to ensure it provides complete protein. This is crucial, because only complete proteins provide the muscle regeneration and nutritional value your body needs.

Product Quality

To ensure the quality, stability and nutritional benefits of our products, New Whey Liquid Protein is tested constantly. Not just by us, but by a respected independent laboratory as well. We do this so that the comparative advantages of New Whey Liquid Protein are detailed in objective, scientific analysis, not simply in advertising slogans. New Whey contains more than enough of the 9 essential amino acids to qualify as a complete protein per the guidelines of the World Health Organization. We know precisely why our products are the ultimate in protein supplementation, and we want our customers to know it too.Each container of New Whey Liquid Protein, while virtually unbreakable and requiring no refrigeration, is designed to provide more than convenience. Our shrink wrap packaging provides a safety feature to prevent tampering and ensures the product remains properly sealed to maintain freshness. To us, nothing is more important than our customers’ confidence that they’re getting the finest-quality products on the market in every single serving.